Friday, March 23, 2012

Swagbucks Shop and Earn

Swagbucks has another way to earn more points and this is something you might do everyday! 

The swagbucks shop and earn is an easy way for you to earn points from shopping online. You receive 2 points for every dollar you spend so if you shop at macy's any way or itunes or petco online you can earn points from it. To get to shop and earn go to Tools> Even more> shop and earn then you can browse for stores you shop at online.

Happy swaggin!

What is swagbucks?

I just realized I haven't covered what swagbucks is

Swagbucks is a free site for 13 and older that I discovered almost 3 weeks ago and I have been hooked! It is a way for you to earn money (yes actual money)/gift cards or merchandise by earning points for doing various things. Most of the ways to earn points do not require a lot of work, time or any personal information. For example the survey's ask for your opinions on products and services or watch a short 30 second video for a few points or use their search just like people use bing or google and occasionally you will win points plus many other ways to earn!

So when you get enough points for something you can redeem them for gift cards. Paypal is a gift card they offer which is like cash ( can be transferred to your bank account). There are many other choices for your rewards gift cards to jcpenney, amazon, sears, home depot xbox live, ps3 and so so many more. And in usually 10-14 days you receive your reward. Also there is no minimum for you to redeem your points if you have enough you can redeem at any time. It is really that simple!

The point to $ ratio it is about .01 per point depending on what gift card you want like an $5 amazon card is 450 points but a $5 paypal card is 700 points. I have actually received my rewards so swagbucks is legit.A month and 20 days in I have earned $170 and have almost enough for a $100 card. Even with spending only a little bit of time daily you should be able to earn $25 in amazon  or about $20 in paypal a month easily.I have spent $2 by choice (too good of offers to pass up lol) to earn what I have and all the rest were free.
                                                 Start earning here

Swagbucks VS Bing Rewards (money makers)

So if you have read my other posts swagbucks is legit and a great way to make a little extra income from home. And I love it!Swagbucks is free to use reward and redeem kind of website and there are many many ways to earn points it is really easy.I can vouch for swagbucks I have been paid every time I have ordered and so far I have received $60 in paypal and $30 in amazon. 

So onto Bing- this is a free site to earn rewards for using the bing search
I just signed up today and I actually kind of like it. It was easy to navigate and the searches you get 1 point for every two searches up to 20 points a day. There are sometimes other things you can do for points like view a page for 1-6 points.I did like that the gift cards were a very very reasonable amount for points like $5 is 525 points so it is almost equivalent to 1 point = .10 which is nice and close to swagbucks.The selection of gift cards is limited to 16 choices but another good thing is they had a few charities in there and a redbox rental or xbox 360 points.

So is bing rewards worth it? Compare to swagbucks no way in history!
But in addition to swagbucks yes! 

Update 4/5/2012 I have been signing in everyday and utilizing all the ways I can with bing to earn points and my total is  419 I am saving for a $5 amazon card so I have 106 points to go! I have been a member since this post was written 3/23/2012 So.... I can estimate monthly to earn a $5 card or so not bad for only taking about 2 minutes a day. My secret (bing) is to type in a search for anything say samsung phone then on the left it gives you related searches keep clicking those until you have maxed out of searches. 

4/7/2012  I had enough points for a $5 amazon card I ordered it and received it in my email with in 3 minutes bing is certainly legit.One tip is to wait to redeem your points until your lifetime credits are 750+ because if you cash them out like I did you get moved from bronze to silver status. Then your daily search goes from 20sb a day to 8sb a day so now it is going to take twice as long to get on gold status. Gold status will allow me to get discounts on the gift cards like a amazon would be 450(?) once I reach gold status.

Sign up with bing here
and sign up with swagbucks here

Swagbucks VS Irazoo


It is easy to use and the amount of ways to earn points is virtually endless. In a day I usually earn the equivalent to a $5 gift card minimum so swagbucks definitely treats it's members well! My only complaint is how hard it is to get credit from some of the special offers sometimes but that is not swagbucks fault and swagbucks support is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to writing them about a problem so that is a plus. I have redeemed for many gift cards already and received them.

Pro's- more ways to win, sbtv, more active members on community page, contests, you have an inbox to receive messages, you can refresh your total instead of refreshing the whole page. There is a better selection of gift cards and you can add coupons to your store reward cards. Paypal is offered as a prize. Survey's credit instantly

Cons- code is not active for very long, special offers can sometimes be a pain, its rare to get more than 3 serach wins, people get deactivated quite a bit.


So this is what I found compared to swagbucks the points for the rewards is a big difference swagbucks $5 amazon card is only 450 points which I easily earn in a day but irazoo is 3000 points. So if you participate in swagbucks and are just discovering irazoo like I did don't be scared of the big difference! Here is why!
Irazoo's payout are much more than swagbucks for everything just about. For example on irazoo I am looking at my dashboard and I see a 12 min survey worth 450 points.On swagbucks I would be lucky if a 12 minute survey was awarded 55 points. Another example is today I got a search win for 62 on irazoo and with swagbucks my normal search win is about 10 points. Irazoo also allows more search wins in a day so far 4 hours into the day and I have won 3 times and on swagbucks I usually spend all day and only end up with 3 wins total.

Pros- More special offers to choose from,  better game selection,code is active for days and you receive an email when there is a code out, more search wins in a day.

Cons- Few ways to earn points, some survey's need to be reviewed it takes 2-4 weeks and you have a chance that you will not receive the points, no tv, no contests, no daily ways to earn like a poll or noso's. There are captcha's on every search win and you only have 100+ seconds to type it in but the add takes forever to load so its an extra task I could live without.

So to me Swagbucks works better and faster to receive rewards but irazoo is well worth a few minutes a day it wouldn't hurt to participate in both.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 20 swag bucks!

So today is day twenty for me and I have a lifetime earnings of 10, 243. So far I have received $20 in amazon gift cards (4 $5 ones) and I have ordered a $50 paypal card a $10 paypal card and another $5 amazon card. I have decided to buy a kindle fire for my daughter to play on with my earnings so I am about half way there... so very excited!

I am glad I found out about swagbucks I did not think making money at home existed!


If you need tips or help please comment I will respond shortly!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today I received all four of my gift cards this is the first one I applied to my amazon account. So I would say swagbucks is 100% legit! Have fun swagging!!!
 Ready to sign up? Use me!

What I do daily to earn SB

Usually I would start on swagbucks tv go to earn sbtv and change it every 40 seconds or whenever the bar goes up 10%. I also use the tv that is in my toolbar because it is a small window and can fit on the page while I do other things.

Then I go to the poll and use my toolbar for 1 point each.

Then you can go to earn NOSO look at the offers click skip if not interested and earn another 2sb's. Then you can go to trusted survey's and try those if you have any.

Then I usually go to special offers and see if there are any easy video ones or other easy offers if not I go to games and for every two you play you get 2 points (leave it on the screen for 1-2 minutes push go back to games repeat 5 times). You are allowed to get 10 points per day from games.

Then I usually check the swagbucks fb page here to see if anyone is posting about a code being out. If there is you can come back here and use the swidget to the right just push swag codes then check if there is a code and if there is one it will give you a hint on where to find it.

In between everything I do daily I search random terms or questions I usually earn 15-30 points a day from this. Then you can check the homepage there is a survey they give you 60 points for scroll down and look for this.

You can do 1 of these per day and it might take 1-5 days to credit or sometimes it credits right away it just depends. 

Then if I have completed all of that I start looking for more difficult offers to do like signing up for something completing 4 pages of information or something else that I know will take a little bit more time.

Periodically I will recheck the trusted survey's to see if I have a new one.

All day I am changing the sbtv and all day I am checking the facebook (people post good offers, fast crediting offers, what they typed to win on a search etc very helpful!) or searching to maximize my earnings.

On average I probably earn 500 points a day some days a lot more depends on what kind of special offers there.