Friday, March 23, 2012

What is swagbucks?

I just realized I haven't covered what swagbucks is

Swagbucks is a free site for 13 and older that I discovered almost 3 weeks ago and I have been hooked! It is a way for you to earn money (yes actual money)/gift cards or merchandise by earning points for doing various things. Most of the ways to earn points do not require a lot of work, time or any personal information. For example the survey's ask for your opinions on products and services or watch a short 30 second video for a few points or use their search just like people use bing or google and occasionally you will win points plus many other ways to earn!

So when you get enough points for something you can redeem them for gift cards. Paypal is a gift card they offer which is like cash ( can be transferred to your bank account). There are many other choices for your rewards gift cards to jcpenney, amazon, sears, home depot xbox live, ps3 and so so many more. And in usually 10-14 days you receive your reward. Also there is no minimum for you to redeem your points if you have enough you can redeem at any time. It is really that simple!

The point to $ ratio it is about .01 per point depending on what gift card you want like an $5 amazon card is 450 points but a $5 paypal card is 700 points. I have actually received my rewards so swagbucks is legit.A month and 20 days in I have earned $170 and have almost enough for a $100 card. Even with spending only a little bit of time daily you should be able to earn $25 in amazon  or about $20 in paypal a month easily.I have spent $2 by choice (too good of offers to pass up lol) to earn what I have and all the rest were free.
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  1. Thanks for giving information on swagbucks.


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