Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to send a ticket for special offers swagbucks.

 How to take and save a screenshot:

While doing an offer it is always best to take a screenshot just in case it does not credit. Here is how to do so.

Press ctrl+print screen on your keyboard

Then go to your start button >go to all programs >accessories >then go to paint.

Once you have opened the paint application you can either press paste or ctrl+V

Then click file in the top left corner and click save as it is best to save them as a JPG file because some walls do not accept png pictures. To change the file type click the drop down for save as type.

Remember to save your picture under something you will remember I save them like this R1dealchicken40 so I save them as the wall type first then by something that describes the offer and then I save it for how much the offer was worth.

Now for the tickets-

How to find where to put in a ticket these are all at the right hand side of the wall

Trialpay- Support
Radiumone- Missing swagbucks
Paymentwall-My account
Super Rewards-Get help
Peanut Labs-Need help?
Sponsor Pay-Support

Some walls do not have a place to insert a screenshot so you will have to go to an image hosting website like tinypic or something else. Also radium one and peanut labs will email you a generated response with a link included and that is what you will have to click to put in your ticket. Both of those have a place to upload a picture though.

Once you find your wall and it doesn't have a place to upload a picture like super rewards for example go to the image hosting website upload the picture (tinypic is free and does not require you to be a member). Once at your image hosting website you will have to click "browse" and find where you saved the screenshot.

Once uploaded it will give you several links I use the "email & IM link". To copy it right click and hold while drag over the link. Once you've copied the whole link let the mouse go and it will now be highlighted. Right click on it again and hit copy. Then go the the wall you want to open a ticket with and right click and hit paste.

I typically type something like I have completed this here is a screenshot. Most of the time you will get an email asking for a confirmation email I resend what I typed the first time.

Swagbucks April 2012


The pic below (total $185) is what I earned during the month of April for free. Swagbucks is a legitimate site that allows you to earn points and you can cash them out for gift cards paypal and amazon are my two favorites and the walmart cards are nice too. If you haven't already you can sign up here. It is 100% free to sign up all it asks for name and email when you sign up.Basically to earn gift cards you need to earn points and the many ways to earn points are playing games, answer a poll, do survey's, watch a sponsored video, watch the tv clips, find a code, redeeming coupons (printed and loyalty store card kind like safeway), trading in books, games, consoles etc and so many more ways.

You can read my review of swagbucks here. I am always willing to help you earn points or get started feel free to contact me anytime. I do reside in Spokane so I am willing to meet with you and help you if your in Spokane that is :). Again it is 100% free to sign up and you never have to spend anything if you do not want to.When you sign up visit the homepage go to the earn tab this is where you will earn all your points from. It may seem slow at first but quickly you'll be making enough for a $5 gift card daily in most cases this is at the least. Even if you aren't a hardcore swagger like I am you can still get a good prize monthly even if you spend less than a hour a day. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.