Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I do daily to earn SB

Usually I would start on swagbucks tv go to earn sbtv and change it every 40 seconds or whenever the bar goes up 10%. I also use the tv that is in my toolbar because it is a small window and can fit on the page while I do other things.

Then I go to the poll and use my toolbar for 1 point each.

Then you can go to earn NOSO look at the offers click skip if not interested and earn another 2sb's. Then you can go to trusted survey's and try those if you have any.

Then I usually go to special offers and see if there are any easy video ones or other easy offers if not I go to games and for every two you play you get 2 points (leave it on the screen for 1-2 minutes push go back to games repeat 5 times). You are allowed to get 10 points per day from games.

Then I usually check the swagbucks fb page here to see if anyone is posting about a code being out. If there is you can come back here and use the swidget to the right just push swag codes then check if there is a code and if there is one it will give you a hint on where to find it.

In between everything I do daily I search random terms or questions I usually earn 15-30 points a day from this. Then you can check the homepage there is a survey they give you 60 points for scroll down and look for this.

You can do 1 of these per day and it might take 1-5 days to credit or sometimes it credits right away it just depends. 

Then if I have completed all of that I start looking for more difficult offers to do like signing up for something completing 4 pages of information or something else that I know will take a little bit more time.

Periodically I will recheck the trusted survey's to see if I have a new one.

All day I am changing the sbtv and all day I am checking the facebook (people post good offers, fast crediting offers, what they typed to win on a search etc very helpful!) or searching to maximize my earnings.

On average I probably earn 500 points a day some days a lot more depends on what kind of special offers there. 


  1. 500 points a day!? i only earn 300 max!

  2. Swagbucks has changed a lot I struggle now to get a decent amount :( I used to have tons of pages on super rewards my main earning wall and now I only have like 2 and they are all mostly junk offers. Insurance offers used to be worth like 400+ and there was always a lot of trials.

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