Friday, March 23, 2012

Swagbucks VS Irazoo


It is easy to use and the amount of ways to earn points is virtually endless. In a day I usually earn the equivalent to a $5 gift card minimum so swagbucks definitely treats it's members well! My only complaint is how hard it is to get credit from some of the special offers sometimes but that is not swagbucks fault and swagbucks support is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to writing them about a problem so that is a plus. I have redeemed for many gift cards already and received them.

Pro's- more ways to win, sbtv, more active members on community page, contests, you have an inbox to receive messages, you can refresh your total instead of refreshing the whole page. There is a better selection of gift cards and you can add coupons to your store reward cards. Paypal is offered as a prize. Survey's credit instantly

Cons- code is not active for very long, special offers can sometimes be a pain, its rare to get more than 3 serach wins, people get deactivated quite a bit.


So this is what I found compared to swagbucks the points for the rewards is a big difference swagbucks $5 amazon card is only 450 points which I easily earn in a day but irazoo is 3000 points. So if you participate in swagbucks and are just discovering irazoo like I did don't be scared of the big difference! Here is why!
Irazoo's payout are much more than swagbucks for everything just about. For example on irazoo I am looking at my dashboard and I see a 12 min survey worth 450 points.On swagbucks I would be lucky if a 12 minute survey was awarded 55 points. Another example is today I got a search win for 62 on irazoo and with swagbucks my normal search win is about 10 points. Irazoo also allows more search wins in a day so far 4 hours into the day and I have won 3 times and on swagbucks I usually spend all day and only end up with 3 wins total.

Pros- More special offers to choose from,  better game selection,code is active for days and you receive an email when there is a code out, more search wins in a day.

Cons- Few ways to earn points, some survey's need to be reviewed it takes 2-4 weeks and you have a chance that you will not receive the points, no tv, no contests, no daily ways to earn like a poll or noso's. There are captcha's on every search win and you only have 100+ seconds to type it in but the add takes forever to load so its an extra task I could live without.

So to me Swagbucks works better and faster to receive rewards but irazoo is well worth a few minutes a day it wouldn't hurt to participate in both.