Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is swagbucks legit? Paypal proof

So excited I received my paypal cards this is the email to one of them. i figured I better block out my last name and the transaction number just in case.

Here is my paypal account

SWAGBUCKS IS LEGIT!!!! I transferred the money to my bank account for free too. Or you can use it for online purchases at most websites (except amazon I believe does not accept paypal) or you can order a paypal card to use.If you are not already a member you can find some very useful links on the right.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Swagbucks awesome day!

Today I am only less than 3 hours into the new day and I have already earned 1,439sb. 1,088 came from one offer which was a total steal! It was an offer for privacy guard a reputable company for a 30 day trial for $1 so I earned $10 in points for a buck and got all three of my credit reports AND scores. My life time is 15,271 so enough for a $100 gift card and maybe enough for a $25 gift card I jumped the gun and started redeeming my points for smaller gift cards so yeah in about a month $125 isn't bad at all :). Right now I am saving for a $50 card I am about 1,000 points away still waiting on $65 worth of others and already received $20 in gc.

End of day 26: 1901 best day ever!
Here is a pic I filtered it to show my total for the day after I completed everything I ended up earning 1901 which puts me a few hundred points away from ordering a $50 card :)