Friday, March 23, 2012

Swagbucks VS Bing Rewards (money makers)

So if you have read my other posts swagbucks is legit and a great way to make a little extra income from home. And I love it!Swagbucks is free to use reward and redeem kind of website and there are many many ways to earn points it is really easy.I can vouch for swagbucks I have been paid every time I have ordered and so far I have received $60 in paypal and $30 in amazon. 

So onto Bing- this is a free site to earn rewards for using the bing search
I just signed up today and I actually kind of like it. It was easy to navigate and the searches you get 1 point for every two searches up to 20 points a day. There are sometimes other things you can do for points like view a page for 1-6 points.I did like that the gift cards were a very very reasonable amount for points like $5 is 525 points so it is almost equivalent to 1 point = .10 which is nice and close to swagbucks.The selection of gift cards is limited to 16 choices but another good thing is they had a few charities in there and a redbox rental or xbox 360 points.

So is bing rewards worth it? Compare to swagbucks no way in history!
But in addition to swagbucks yes! 

Update 4/5/2012 I have been signing in everyday and utilizing all the ways I can with bing to earn points and my total is  419 I am saving for a $5 amazon card so I have 106 points to go! I have been a member since this post was written 3/23/2012 So.... I can estimate monthly to earn a $5 card or so not bad for only taking about 2 minutes a day. My secret (bing) is to type in a search for anything say samsung phone then on the left it gives you related searches keep clicking those until you have maxed out of searches. 

4/7/2012  I had enough points for a $5 amazon card I ordered it and received it in my email with in 3 minutes bing is certainly legit.One tip is to wait to redeem your points until your lifetime credits are 750+ because if you cash them out like I did you get moved from bronze to silver status. Then your daily search goes from 20sb a day to 8sb a day so now it is going to take twice as long to get on gold status. Gold status will allow me to get discounts on the gift cards like a amazon would be 450(?) once I reach gold status.

Sign up with bing here
and sign up with swagbucks here


  1. Bing rewards will randomly give you 8-60 searches a day. With either being 3 searches for a point or 2 for a point. Also in the terms and conditions every household is allowed 5 accounts, so if you like doing searches you can x5 your gain.
    Also FTW

  2. You might be qualified for a complimentary $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.