Friday, March 16, 2012

What is a swagbuck search?

A swagbuck search is much like google. You type in a word, phrase or question and every once in awhile you will see a pop up like this.....

  One tip is do not search too fast they will give you a warning and some people have had their accounts deactivated because it looked like they were using a click bot. Also remember the searches are completely random you do not have more chances than any one to win and there is no specific words that trigger a win. If you visit the facebook page I copy and paste others searches usually it has good results.

Gift cards swagbucks

How many gift cards can I redeem with swagbucks?
You can redeem your points for gift cards but there is a limit. The limit is 5 gift cards per the amount of the gift card

So you can redeem monthly
5 $5 cards
5 $10 cards so on so on.

How long does it take?
Usually 7-14 days for most gift cards like a paypal gift card from swagbucks usually takes 7-8 days to be put in my account

When I have enough can I cash out? 
You do not need to have a minimum to redeem your points if you have enough points for a gift card you can order them when ever you would like to. 

You can even redeem your points to donate to a charity I believe they pick a monthly charity to donate to.
Gift cards work in denomination of $5, $10, 20, $25, $50 and $100 and $500

Here are some of the gift cards offered on swagbucks
ecomom- coupon not gift card
alwar games
barnes n noble
papa johns
JC penney
home depot
and so so many more if you want to sign up please feel free to use my referral link! My referral link 

Easy way to earn swagbucks everyday

Do these daily to earn easy points ( to access these go to swagbucks home page and click the earn tab)

Go to games click one ( I pick crusher) wait a minute or two until the game ends and the score pops up then push go back to games for every game. For every two times you do this you will earn 2 points and you can do this until you receive 10sb.

Daily Poll- Answer a question for 1 point just a poll question

NOSO- view the pages click skip-skip and earn 2 points

Search in special offers for videos and the homepage- even if you do not want anything to do with special offers the video's are usually hassle free and you get points for just clicking and leaving it open until the end.

SBTV- watch the swagbucks tv to earn 3 points per 10 video's you watch do this all day long while you do other stuff just change it when you remember and its really easy points they definitely add up.
(Quick tip click on the next video when your percent meter moves up)

Searching- If you do not want to install the toolbar (its been problem free for me) you can just go to the home page and search for terms on their search bar. 

Toolbar install- You get one daily point for having the toolbar installed and using it daily. 

Swagbucks code-
First check the swidget it will say something like check facebook or check blog. Here is a hint if it says go to the blog then head over to the swagbucks blog and in the search bar type in "code" usually it will pull up which blog post it is in. Another way is to check the facebook page people often give hints. 

To use the swidget push search code > check if there is a code it might say tweet tweet (twitter swagbucks page) or check facebook or something similar.

Special offers and survey's are usually a great way to earn fast sb's. 

So at the very low end you should get about 60 sb per day but that is with very minimal searching and very minimal sbtv and no special offers or survey's.

Ways to earn on swagbucks

Here are the many ways to earn with swagbucks! Don't know what swagbucks is?
                            Swagbucks Link 

Referrals: up to 1000 points per referral you earn points when they win from searches

Daily Poll: Earn 1 swag point for answering a question

Searches: Like google swagbucks has a search engine that if you do your normal daily searches you can randomly earn points. Today I earned 17 points just from searching so that was awesome.

No special obligation offers (NOSO) : Just for looking at the offers you get rewarded usually 2-3 swagbucks

Swagbucks Tv: Watch 1-5 minute shows and after 10 of them you earn 3 swagbucks.

Games: Play games to earn  swagbucks or enter in tournaments win and get lots of swagbucks!
Play two games and get awarded 2 swagbucks you have to push back to games after each one though.

Swagbucks codes: are random codes that appear on the blog, facebook, twitter and other places.  The code usually looks like this booksforSale or with numbers in it and remember is it capital sensitive. My swidget is on the side push check code and if there is a code out there it will tell you.

Coupons:  For sending coupons to your rewards member cards (like safeway or albertsons) and using them in the store you will receive 10 swagbucks per coupon. Its like saving while earning :) You can also clip and print coupons these take 8-10 weeks to credit.

Tasks: This is where you perform tasks to earn swagbucks. I haven't participated in this too much it is a lot of research on the internet and answering questions about a webpage.Some are easy though.

Trade in: This is where you can trade in your old game consoles or books to earn points. A college book I paid $80 for would give  me 3500 points (still debating whether I should do this lol). Oh and shipping is paid.

Trusted Surveys:  This is a bit time consuming for some of them if you qualify but it is really rewarding usually 75-100 per survey. I usually do not qualify so I do not participate in most of them.

Special offers: I have done quite a bit of these actually and most of them are really rewarding. For example one was to sign up for a rush card ( a free prepaid card) and the reward was 140 points. It took about 2 minutes and I was done. Some are just to watch a clip and answer a question or look for the numbers that go across the screen( earns 3 SB).

Daily Deals: Occasionally there will be a groupon in here that you can buy and earn points from usually 150-300 points and then you get a sweet deal with the groupon so its a win win. Daily deals are just getting points for spending money at one of their selected sites.

Swagbucks Toolbar install:
I installed this because for one I got points and two I figure I would give it a try. I have had no problems (I use firefox) and it is really convienient if you access swagbucks more than once a day.

Swagbucks review legit or scam? 2012

So I recently stumbled upon a site called swagbucks. Swagbucks is 100% free earn and reward type of site where you do things like watch tv or play games or do survey's to earn points etc.

I have been a member for 6 days now and I have earned 753 points (and I am still discovering ways to earn points wow!) I can already redeem my points for a $5 amazon gift card for 450 points or a $5 paypal card for 700 points!NO MINIMUM POINT BALANCE REQUIRED meaning if you have enough points for a gift card at any time you can redeem them for that card unlike other sites that require you to have a certain amount before cashing out.
Here is my referral link if you would like to sign up under me :)

Update: I redeemed my points for some gift cards and received them I applied all of them to my paypal and amazon account with no problems.  You can view my blog on proof here  this is for my paypal. You can also view another blog I posted about receiving my gift cards here this one is about my amazon gift cards. 

Update: One month in I am a little past my one month mark and I have been non stop swagging (literally) my total is a little over 21,000 sb and I have received/spent $85 in gift cards already and I have $75 more ordered! AND have almost enough for another $25 card :)

Again I will say swagbucks is 100% free it is easy to sign up and they do not ask for a bunch of personal information.
I plan on writing more blogs about swagbucks stay tuned.