Friday, June 22, 2012

3 months into swagbucks

My total points were around 48,000 which is enough for about $400 worth of gift cards. My first two months I spent endless amounts of time on swagbucks and my third month I calmed it down a bit started spending my time elsewhere. So basically this is a great site you can earn a lot of money and you don't have to spend as much time as I did I just liked being on it and every second I felt i was wasting precious swagbucking time!

How to tweet a braggable bargain

Ok something I haven't covered is that you can get 150 swagbucks from just tweeting what the braggable bargain is for that day. This is simple. They pick two winners a day.

First you must have a twitter account! Once you have signed up go to the homepage for swagbucks. Then go to redeem then swag store. Once you are there you will see 4 pages changing every few seconds one of those will be blue with a dragon that says braggable bargain click that page.

It will take you to what is on sale  and right under the review stars it says tweet #braggablebargain press that button.

This will open a new window so you can tweet the easy thing is that it is typed out for you but you have to include your swagbucks name so they know what account to credit it to.  So at the end of what they had typed just write your sb name (see below and pic)

You will not always win but within the first week I did it I won the 150 and it is a very easy way to get points occasionally. If you need any help please leave me a comment :).

Here is an example of what a braggable bargain tweet would look like

You can snag the Gap Options e-Gift Card - $10 for 190 SB off the regular price! #BraggableBargain  (Type sb name here)