Monday, August 19, 2013

To do list instagc.

Instagc is easy to earn free gift cards from but when you sign up it can be quite overwhelming. Where do you start?

So here is an easy guide to follow to gain some points. I usually follow this routine myself. Some are a one time and some can be repeated daily.

When you log on go to the left and click on Visit Sites then > Instagc make sure to do these daily.I get maybe 10-15 points from this I think? - Repeat daily

Then go to do offers then> Radium One (or click here) filter from low to high and do all of the 1 or 2 point ones there are usually tons at midnight pacific time but often they cap (no longer available) throughout the day so try to get them when you can. I get a lot of point from this sometimes 60+ - Repeat daily

Then go to do offers then> trial pay (or click here) look for an offer called lab 42 it is worth 73 points this offer is usually a less than 5 minute survey or so really quick. Sometimes there won't be anything but check througout the day.-Repeat daily

Then go to do offers then> instagc (or click here) look for an offer called Global Survey Router this will be worth 42 points generally it is very easy but read the requirements. If it is the game show sign up and play two games if it is the track if accept the add on and add 3 items that you want to watch the price on amazon works great for this copy the url and add it to the plus on the track if homepage. - Repeat daily

Still on the do offers > instagc page look for any facebook offers these are easy just follow the instructions.
also look to see if you have this Jewelry offer available  this is worth 140 points and check to see if you have this offer Yougov this is worth 36 points and check to see if you have this offer Post-it - Share a story.
This is worth 19 points. (Usually one time offers)

If you have these available and do them it should get you over $3 so so simple.

Remember to use YOUR REAL INFORMATION I cannot stress this enough mistakes happen but not more than a few times! Make new emails frequently (Aol is good hotmail, yahoo no burner emails) and use firefox (or chrome not IE!!!) and there is an app that you can download so you do not have to give out your number its called Pinger. You cannot use google voice.

Haven't signed up yet? Do so now! You will be on your way to earning free gift cards in no time!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Better than swagbucks

Hello all,

Sorry I haven't been updating this. I can't figure out how to post the same post on my main blog lifelivedbetter and this one without having to copy and paste and all that hassle. So yeah I have been doing a site that in my opinion is better than swagbucks. It is called Instagc and I find it better because when you cash out the rewards are instant. Instagc also has the option of cashing out for only $1 gift cards and has the option to receive a check in the mail. This site's special offers pay more and credit better and there is an excellent staff ready to help. The admin and staff are always providing ways to earn or free amazon codes in chat just to give members a little something extra. Basically this site is really focused on providing the best to it's members. I still do swagbucks but since the offer walls are the same on instagc I don't do offers on sb any more I just barely meet the goal and spend the rest of my time on instagc.

Friday, June 22, 2012

3 months into swagbucks

My total points were around 48,000 which is enough for about $400 worth of gift cards. My first two months I spent endless amounts of time on swagbucks and my third month I calmed it down a bit started spending my time elsewhere. So basically this is a great site you can earn a lot of money and you don't have to spend as much time as I did I just liked being on it and every second I felt i was wasting precious swagbucking time!

How to tweet a braggable bargain

Ok something I haven't covered is that you can get 150 swagbucks from just tweeting what the braggable bargain is for that day. This is simple. They pick two winners a day.

First you must have a twitter account! Once you have signed up go to the homepage for swagbucks. Then go to redeem then swag store. Once you are there you will see 4 pages changing every few seconds one of those will be blue with a dragon that says braggable bargain click that page.

It will take you to what is on sale  and right under the review stars it says tweet #braggablebargain press that button.

This will open a new window so you can tweet the easy thing is that it is typed out for you but you have to include your swagbucks name so they know what account to credit it to.  So at the end of what they had typed just write your sb name (see below and pic)

You will not always win but within the first week I did it I won the 150 and it is a very easy way to get points occasionally. If you need any help please leave me a comment :).

Here is an example of what a braggable bargain tweet would look like

You can snag the Gap Options e-Gift Card - $10 for 190 SB off the regular price! #BraggableBargain  (Type sb name here)