Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easy swagbucks

Do this everyday to earn maximum points....

Go to then go to earn a drop down list will show and this will be the most important tab on the homepage.

1.First thing first start your sbtv! change it every 40 seconds

2. Do searches periodically not too fast you'll win eventually!

3. Go to games every two you get two points (must wait for score to come up) I open crusher and do other stuff until the score pops up. You can do this for up to 10sb

4. Do NOSO and use your toolbar if you have one- equals 3sb daily

5. Check your hompage for video's - I usually have 10 for 1sb each

6. Check your trusted survey's- I usually have nothing

7.  Check your special offer walls for video's or super easy offers- I usally have up to 20sb

8. Check facebook for code actually this should be done sooner I am just to lazy to change this right now :)

9. Back to special offers- do any offers you find interesting or sound easy (I.E. enter zip to be awarded points) that is an easy offer! Make sure to take screenshots on every offer - no offer left uncredited!!!

10. Keep checking facebook if no code was released last time you did, keep changing sbtv, keep doing searches, and keep searching for offers. Also to the right is a link for the facebook page special offers that credit its a great page to find offers that you might have missed or that you passed. I post often of what offers credit for me what tab I found them on and what I had to do for how many sb's most others post that information too.

TIP: The easiest offers for me are the auto insurance ones some pay out really well. Like a 560 one was enter your information get a quote and get rewarded that easy! Also that 560 offer sent an email so if you did have to submit a ticket at least you would have some kind of email to provide for proof of completion. BTW I find my auto insurance quote offers on super rewards tab.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Review swagbucks 1 month almost 20,000

So its after midnight making today my first official month with swagbucks.My lifetime earning is 17,654 sbs and so far I have traded my points in for 2 $50 paypal cards 6 $5 amazon cards and a $10 paypal card and by today I will have two more $5 amazon cards redeemed. So basically $150 in a month but I changed from spending one hour a day to spending like all of my day literally.

At first my hubby was all sour about swagbucks, he got tired of hearing about it until I told him we will have the money in the bank in a few days. He was like uhh what? I thought you were getting amazon cards. I said yep and paypal complain now! He is much more interesting in hearing about it now that he knows I am not just wasting my time. Oh and he started getting excited about the amazon cards he wants some silly super bright headlights for our cadillac lol men :).

Have a good night everyone!

Just to update: At the end of the day of my first official month with swag bucks I had around 18,899 i think gosh I can't remember but I know 4/3 just a month and a day later I had over 20,000 earned so yea its possible with lots of work and special offers I over do things a lot and this is one I am glad I way over did on!

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Also my friend link or name is way2hott4u21 please add me if you are already a member.