Friday, March 16, 2012

Swagbucks review legit or scam? 2012

So I recently stumbled upon a site called swagbucks. Swagbucks is 100% free earn and reward type of site where you do things like watch tv or play games or do survey's to earn points etc.

I have been a member for 6 days now and I have earned 753 points (and I am still discovering ways to earn points wow!) I can already redeem my points for a $5 amazon gift card for 450 points or a $5 paypal card for 700 points!NO MINIMUM POINT BALANCE REQUIRED meaning if you have enough points for a gift card at any time you can redeem them for that card unlike other sites that require you to have a certain amount before cashing out.
Here is my referral link if you would like to sign up under me :)

Update: I redeemed my points for some gift cards and received them I applied all of them to my paypal and amazon account with no problems.  You can view my blog on proof here  this is for my paypal. You can also view another blog I posted about receiving my gift cards here this one is about my amazon gift cards. 

Update: One month in I am a little past my one month mark and I have been non stop swagging (literally) my total is a little over 21,000 sb and I have received/spent $85 in gift cards already and I have $75 more ordered! AND have almost enough for another $25 card :)

Again I will say swagbucks is 100% free it is easy to sign up and they do not ask for a bunch of personal information.
I plan on writing more blogs about swagbucks stay tuned.


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