Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy way to earn swagbucks everyday

Do these daily to earn easy points ( to access these go to swagbucks home page and click the earn tab)

Go to games click one ( I pick crusher) wait a minute or two until the game ends and the score pops up then push go back to games for every game. For every two times you do this you will earn 2 points and you can do this until you receive 10sb.

Daily Poll- Answer a question for 1 point just a poll question

NOSO- view the pages click skip-skip and earn 2 points

Search in special offers for videos and the homepage- even if you do not want anything to do with special offers the video's are usually hassle free and you get points for just clicking and leaving it open until the end.

SBTV- watch the swagbucks tv to earn 3 points per 10 video's you watch do this all day long while you do other stuff just change it when you remember and its really easy points they definitely add up.
(Quick tip click on the next video when your percent meter moves up)

Searching- If you do not want to install the toolbar (its been problem free for me) you can just go to the home page and search for terms on their search bar. 

Toolbar install- You get one daily point for having the toolbar installed and using it daily. 

Swagbucks code-
First check the swidget it will say something like check facebook or check blog. Here is a hint if it says go to the blog then head over to the swagbucks blog and in the search bar type in "code" usually it will pull up which blog post it is in. Another way is to check the facebook page people often give hints. 

To use the swidget push search code > check if there is a code it might say tweet tweet (twitter swagbucks page) or check facebook or something similar.

Special offers and survey's are usually a great way to earn fast sb's. 

So at the very low end you should get about 60 sb per day but that is with very minimal searching and very minimal sbtv and no special offers or survey's.


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